SHINee’s Minho Cast As a Genius Hacker for New SBS Sitcom

SHINee’s Minho is going to play a genius hacker in the new SBS sitcom “Master Doryongnyong and the Phantom Actuators.” The sitcom will begin its broadcast on January 27.

The story of this new sitcom has themes of fortune telling, thieves, and shamanism. Other actors that are appearing in the sitcom are Oh Dal Soo and Lim Won Hee. The story is about a con artist who acts like a famous shaman named Doryongnyong, the actual shaman Doryongnyong who has Alzheimer’s disease, and Minho’s role of the hacker who controls the con artists.

In other news, SHINee was #1 on Nexon’s “Most Anticipated Singer in 2012” and received 18.7% of the votes which is actually 24,743 votes. They were ahead of IU who came in at second place. The rest in order were: Super Junior, SNSD, and DBSK.