SNS Channels Play Crucial Role in JYJ’s Success

Social Network Services (SNS) have played a critical role in JYJ’s success lately. Since the group’s inception 2010, the three JYJ members have been active on Twitter, greatly enhancing the communication channels with their fans. Earlier this week, the group also opened up their own Facebook page, giving constant updates on their whereabouts.

The three JYJ members have been some of the most active celebrities on Twitter, as they all have over 500,000 followers. Jaejoong has been the most active with 672,205 followers, followed by Junsu’s 539,037 and Yoochun’s 530,137. Their Facebook page, meanwhile, has already got 44,777 likes in less than 48 hours, showing their immense popularity.

Netizens who follow the group on Twitter have commented, “I think they express themselves more freely than when they were under their former agency,” “In the past they felt like strangers, but now they respond to fan questions and it seems like they’re a lot closer to us,” and “They talk to us on Twitter while other celebrities talk on TV shows, and I really like that.”

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, JYJ is also expected to launch their own YouTube channel very soon. The video and URL are already available but it seems like they’re still working on the page at this point. Check out the video below!