T-ara’s Jiyeon Greets Fans While Half-Asleep

On January 6, a few pictures of T-ara’s Jiyeon, under the caption, “Jiyeon greets fans even when she just woke up,” has surfaced on the internet through an online community website.

The pictures show her sleepy and tired eyes, which are still half-closed, and her exhausted facial expression. However, she does not neglect her fans and waves at them, even when she is barely able to keep her eyes open.

Netizens who caught a glance of these pictures praised her by commenting, “Aaah~ Cute. Even while rubbing her eyes, she is greeting us,” “She looks like a baby,” and “This side of hers is different than what we see on stage.”

Meanwhile, the group T-ara just released their new hit single “Lovey Dovey” on January 3 and performed for the first time in this new year on January 5 on Ment’s “M! Countdown.”