Sunye’s "Fold Greeting" Shows Her Politeness

Lately, Wonder Girls’ Sunye has garnered much attention for the so-called “fold greeting.” 

Since her debut in 2007, the leader greeted everybody enthusiastically after each performance, bending 90 degrees from her hips. Now, six years later, she still greets everybody in the same enthusiastic way.

Netizens praised her politeness by commenting, “Last time she also swichted chairs with Sohee, she is so sweet,” “She is exactly the same since her debut,” and “She truly has a strong idol sense of mind.”

The first comment refers to a recent event when the girls were practicing on stage and Sohee’s chair was shaking during their rehearsal. Seeing this, Sunye switched her chair with the chair of Sohee. After this, netizens praised her as having an angelic heart.