Go Ara’s Surreal Hazel Eyes: "I Don’t Wear Circle Lenses"

Go Ara revealed that she doesn’t wear circle lenses.

On January 5, the actress made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV’s program “Happy Together” to promote the movie “Papa,” along with fellow co-stars Park Young Woo and Son Byung Ho.

On this episode of “Happy Together,” actor Park Yong Woo shared an anecdote regarding Go Ara’s eyes. “When I took a deep look at her eyes they seemed to be brown, but when I looked again they were more of a light brown. I really thought she was wearing circle lenses.”

Then, Gag Concert’s comedians (G4) Kim Joon Ho, Kim Won Hyo, Jeong Beom Gyun and Heo Gyeong Hwan got closer to Go Ara to get a better look at her eyes. Kim Joon Ho who got surprised by Go Ara’s unique eye color, commented: “She looks like a Greek!”

After watching the whole scene, Yoo Jae Suk screamed at G4 members while laughing “GO!!!”

Go Ara then explained, “They always looked like this. My eyes always change colors.” She then revealed that she didn’t wear circle lenses.

In related news, Go Ara’s new movie, “Papa” will be out in theater on February 2.

What do you think of Go Ara’s eyes? Take a better look at her eyes through the pictures below.