Yoo Jae Suk’s Touching Letter to his Mother

Comedian and emcee Yoo Jae Suk‘s past regarding his mother was recently brought to light.

An article in the magazine “A Good Friend” contains information about the circumstances surrounding his mother when he was a child.

It was revealed that Yoo Jae Suk had had to move three times as a young student, and he had to adjust quickly. In sixth grade, he became class president. He recalled how his mother had seemed delighted yet uneasy at the same time. She had said, “Now that our Jae Suk is class president, I should introduce myself to the teacher and attend the PTA meetings as much as I can.”

His mother could not greet the teacher with “empty hands” (it is custom for parents to bring gifts for their teachers) and the mother of the class president was expected to make donations to the PTA. His father was a communications civil servant, and his family did not have much money.

An excerpt from the letter reveals, “From then on, I met my mother at school often. I remember seeing her cleaning the flower beds and the front of the school gate… It was only later that I realized that she was doing these things because she did not have enough money to make donations. After I found this out, I don’t know how much I cried.”

Finally, he ended the letter with a heartfelt message for his mother. “Even if I repay you forever, it will not be enough to pay you back for your love. I have never shown you how much I love you. Today I will shout it out loud. Mother, I love you.”