Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Garners Attention for His Ballerino Flexibility

Dynamic Duo’s member, Choiza, surprised netizens by showing off his ballerino-like flexibility.

The rapper uploaded a picture with the caption: “Getting reading for ‘Without You’ performance” on his me2day on January 5.

In the picture, Choiza is getting ready for “Without You” performance by stretching and putting one leg on a ballet pole with a playful expression. While causing laguther for his “Choiza” t-shirt, many fans also cheered for the rapper’s responsibility and effort for his stage performance rehearsal.

Netizens and fans reacted with diverse responses: “Look at that foot with edge. I love you Choiza,” “Unexpected flexibility? I was really surprised” and “Are you going to ballet dance for Dynamic Duo’s new song? I will be looking forward to it.”