Jung Hyun Dong Garners Attention for Humiliating Half Naked Picture

Comedian Jung Hyun Dong is garnering attention for his half naked picture.

His loving wife revealed the picture on Twitter after the comedian fell asleep after drinking.

Broadcasting writer, Han Yoo Ra, uploaded the picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Sleeping Mr. Husband after drinking. Very seductive looking picture. Humiliating picture. Everyone good night” on January 5.

In the picture, Jung Hyun Dong is half naked and in deep sleep. His chubby body line is emphasized as he is sleeping on his side.

Netizens and fans reacted with diverse responses: “Why would Han Yoo Ra do this?”, “Jung Hyun Dong’s cute humiliation,” and “A very ‘adult’ like picture.”

Meanwhile Han Yoo Ra responded to a netizen who said, “Are you your own husband’s anti-fan?” by saying “Me an anti-fan? I am Hyun Dong’s thug.”