"Super Junior" Appears as a Word to Learn Korean in a Book from Thailand

Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, uploaded recently four pictures onto his Twitter account, each one of them showing pages from a Thai book displaying the word “Super Junior” as a way to learn the Korean Language.

The four phrases state: “Super Junior will go to Thailand tomorrow”, “I like Super Junior’s choreography”, “I will wait for Super Junior” and “I wanna meet Super Junior soon”.

He proudly stated: “The content in this Thailand’s book for learning Korean language” and uploaded the four links at once.

A funny fact of his tweet is that he uploaded the four links in just one tweet with no spaces. So fans started teasing him saying things like: “Hey Ahjussi, use the space bar!”, “Ahjussi, ahjussi, you don’t know where’s the space bar?” and also: “Cool!, I want that book too!” and “I thought at first that the link wasn’t working, good way to save space eh?”, the replies, caused a good laughter among fans and also showed how close are Suju’s fans to their leader.

Good idea to use Super Junior as an example to learn Korean uh? Check out the pictures down below!

[Super Junior will go to Thailand tomorrow]

[I like Super Junior’s choreography]

[I will wait for Super Junior]

[I wanna meet Super Junior soon]