[Preview] MBC "We Got Married’ – Jan. 7 Episode

Kim Won JoonPark So Hyun couple will not air during the “We Got Married” episode airing on Jan. 7. We ask for the viewer’s understanding, thank you.

Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : We had a “Hidden Camera” session.

Its Eun Jung’s 24th Birthday and their first birthday since they got married. However Woo-Jung couple are both working and extremely busy. The day before her birthday, Eun Jung and the T-ara members were all full of anticipation about what Jang Woo might have prepared for her birthday. What do they think Jang Woo will get her for her birthday present?

However contrary to their expectations Jang Woo has yet to contact her in any sort of fashion, even though it’s getting late at night. How does Eun Jung plan to deal with this situation?

Meanwhile Jang Woo is preparing a massive birthday event for Eun Jung. An amazing cast of people, a massive cake and an endless pile of presents have been prepared for this event. He’s thought this over for several days and has prepared a “Hidden Camera” birthday party. Will it succeed and what will Eun Jung’s response be when she gets this unexpected birthday present?

Lee Teuk♡Sora: We have finally got a house!

Lee Teuk – Sora will finally get a house after being married for 4 months. They both visit real estates for the first time ever to personally pick out their house. “Fastidious Teuk” has prepared a checklist so that they can get their perfect house. What is on his checklist?

The couple finally arrive at their new home. They look over every nook and cranny of the house but finally they sign the contract for the house. The couple prepare a list of 10 commandments for their “Dimple House.” What are commandments that the couple has promised each other?

Euk-Kang Couple head to a furniture store to find furniture to fill up their currently empty house. As they look around the store, they start to have fun and engage in numerous little skits. During one of these skits, a “drunk but cute” lady suddenly makes an appearance, who is this lady? What will Lee Teuk – Sora’s heart-fluttering process of filling up their home be like?

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