Lee Min Ho Selected as the Winner Actor of 2011 in China

Last year, was the best for Lee Min Ho in China. He recently was selected as the winner actor of 2011 in China and also he entered in the top 10 list of 2011 in China by Sina.com.

The young actor held several activities since he wrapped up his drama “City Hunter” which gained him a huge amount of followers on Weibo right after the drama finished airing in China. He has also been ranking on the top spots of Chinese charts above certain Chinese actors.

He also held his “2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting” in Shanghai and Beijing with thousands of his Chinese fans present and received various offers from Chinese producers, going from projects of fantasy martial arts to investigative action plots.

Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China also awarded him a meeting with Andy Lau, a popular singer, actor, and film producer in Hong Kong. He was selected as the winner of 2011 by a Chinese TV program with Chinese top star Wu Qi Long. His popularity online is very powerful as well. During a one-hour interview held through his Weibo account, he received more than 135,000 questions from fans which caused the server to crash.

According to Sina.com, Lee Min Ho is the fifth star with most followers on Weibo. Lastly, he attended the “SBS Acting Awards” of 2011 and won a triple crown: “Best Actor Award,” “Best Star Among Teenagers Award,” and the “Most Popular Star Award.”

Congrats to Lee Min Ho and his rising stardom!