Leeteuk Thanks Fans After the Athena Concert in Japan

After wrapping up the Athena Concert held at the Saitama Arena in Japan successfully, Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk shared some pictures of him and the members having dinner together.

In the first picture, we can see some of the members gathered together having a nice meal after a long day. He wrote: “After wrapping up a concert, we like to celebrate by going out to dinner. We like to eat ramen. Fighting Junior likes ramen! Always full of fighting. Members! I love you all! Thanks to the fans who came to the concert, let’s be happy!”

In the second picture, the members appear together seated on a bench. He wrote, “Donghae‘s camera phone quality is really good. Dongsaengs! Let’s always be bright like this and never get tired! And our fans! Let’s always be together! Today was such a happy day for me.”

Fans replied to his pictures saying things like, “Oppa, you all look tired,” “I want ramen too,” “What’s wrong with Kyu’s face on both pictures,” and “Oppa, where’s Yesung?”

After this concert, Super Junior will hold another Athena Concert on January 9 in Osaka and then they will continue on to the GDA Awards in Osaka on January 11.

Check out the pictures below as well as some fan taken pictures from the Athena Concert.

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