JYJ’s Concert in Chile Starts a Madness for Tickets

Since the announcement of two JYJ‘s concerts to be held in South America, fans all over the area went crazy with the idea of seeing the group in their countries.

Once the prices were announced in Chile, fans camped since early in the morning and gathered outside the Anime Center store to wait patiently for their turn to buy the pre-sale tickets. There were 10 year old kids, young fans in their teens and also fans over 25 years old, all of them screaming of happiness, crying happy tears, chanting in unisonm “Always Keep the Faith.”

The promoter in charge of this awesome event for Chilean fans announced that there are four thousand tickets available and also they opened a special booking system for fans overseas. JYJ will hold their first time concert in Chile on March 9 and in Peru on March 11.

Chilean fans, are you ready for JYJ? Check out the video and pictures below!



[The vision of a happy fan]

Thanks to nacion.cl for the pictures and CassiopeiaChile for the video