Son Ho Young’s Part Time Job at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal

Son Ho Young announced that he is going to do his part-time job at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal through his Twitter. 

The singer posted, “Even today I will be very busy starting in the morning. Today I am doing a part-time job at Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal. It’s been a long time since my last part-time job – it reminds me of the past. My last part-time job was serving at a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant.”

The truth about this part-time job is related to comedian Noh Hong Chul‘s TV show “Noh Hong Chul Starbite” on cable TV’s MBN, where the former G.O.D. member will appear. On the same day, January 6, Starbite’sTwitter posted that Son Ho Young was scheduled to meet Noh Hong Chul in front of the Bus Terminal Station Square and they invited the fans to participate in the event. 

The TV Show, about social issues, tries to prove that a normal university student is not able to pay the expensive Korean University tuition fees with part-time earnings. 

Son Ho Young’s fans are likely to see him in the musical “Fame,” where he is interpreting Nick Piazza.