Announcing the Launch of Soompi Spanish!

¡Hola Soompiers!

It’s a new year and we’re excited to officially unveil our newest project: Soompi Spanish! That’s right, it’s all the latest updates on Korean entertainment, in Spanish! After the successful launch of our sister site, Soompi France, in 2011, requests started coming in for us to open a Spanish-language site. We know we have a lot of Soompiers throughout Latin America and in Spain, so we listened and prepared, and now here we are!

Please take a look at the site and give us your support by visiting our site and liking us on Facebook and Twitter. We have a team of fifteen enthusiastic, talented translators who are doing their best to bring the K-Pop and K-Drama news to the Spanish-speaking world. And not just news, either one of the goals of Soompi Spanish is to track the movements of the passionate K-Pop fans in Central and South America, and Spain. Whether it’s flash mobs, cultural events, or concerts, the fan movement has been spreading like wildfire, and Soompi Spanish will be there to cover it!

Let’s have a great 2012 together! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!