Jay Park’s Comic Book Doppelganger

Singer Jay Park is garnering attention for his doppelganger.

An online community website recently uploaded a picture with the title: “An Idol’s ‘God of Bath’ Doppelganger.”

“God of Bath” is a popular webtoon (website comic) on Naver recently. It sets at a bathhouse called “Geum Ja Tang” with young adults having the dream of being a bathhouse coordinator.

The main character Heo Sae is especially gaining popularity for his good-looking appearance while other characters with strong personalities are receiving much love as well. One of the characters, Yang Soon Mo, is garnering attention for his 100% synchronized rate to Jay Park.

Yang Soon Mo is a young man known for his chic expression, fierce Mohican hairstyle, and tough appearance. However he is gaining fans for his soft personality and cute character—reflecting Jay Park’s appearance and personality.

Netizens and fans who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses: “The synchronized rate is really 100%!”, “From appearance to personality, it does match,” “How can it be so identical,” and “I could not agree more.”

Currently, Jay Park is receiving much love for his title song “Star” from his new single album “New Breed Part 1” released on December 28.