Is IU the Rebellious Type?

Pictures of IU displaying a different image than her usual cute self surfaced online and made quite a splash among netizens.

On January 7, photos were uploaded on a Korean community board with the title, “IU’s Rebellious Image at School” and spread like wildfire online. In the pictures, IU is seen at school signing autographs, surrounded by her classmates.

Netizens teasingly called her a “Delinquent Student” because of her look of the day. The lollipop in her mouth also evokes the image of a cigarette, giving the babyfaced singer a “bad-ass” look.

The photos seem to date back to last year, during the filming of KBS drama, “Dream High.

It seemed that IU attended school after completing her schedule, which is the reason why she was seen wearing  thick makeup which contrasted her high school uniform. Netizens were especially shocked by what seems to be a lollipop in IU’s mouth, which could have been mistaken as a cigarette.

If IU wasn’t so adorable, her double side ponytails could have added a bit more to the overall “delinquent” look which we often see in TV dramas.

What do you think of the “Delinquent IU”?