Yesung Goes "Free" While Being in Japan

You wondered why you couldn’t see Yesung on Leeteuk‘s tweet about their dinner in Japan or that maybe he was the one holding the camera and taking the pictures. Well, this time he goes solo during his aventures in Japan.

He uploaded some pictures about enjoying his freedom and he seemed happy of not being recognized while traveling on subway. He wrote “Osaka, how are you! Riding on the subway in Osaka, the joy of being free ^^” In one picture, we can see a really fashionable Yesung wearing a big pair of glasses showing his subway ticket. In the second picture, we can see him seating quietly while waiting to reach his destination.

It seems that Yesung finally found time to relax and spend it freely without dealing with the constant stress of being recognized or followed by fans.

Super Junior are all now in Osaka rehearsing for the Athena Concert that will take place on January 9.

Check out the pictures down below!