T-ara’s 8th Member to Be Picked Up Through Auditions

Seven-member girl group T-ara is looking for their eighth member through an audition.

Cable channel KBS Joy and ETN co-audition program “Global Super Idol” are giving the winner the glory of being the eighth member of T-ara.

T-ara’s entertainment company Core Contents Media is also participating as a sponsor while Kim Kwang Soo, head and representative of Core Contents Media, will appear as a judge. Every finalists will be given a reward: an exclusive contract with Trophy Entertainment, album release, and for females—the chance of becoming T-ara’s eighth member.

However netizens and fans alike are showing diverse reactions. Although it is exquisite that the winner can debut as a star right away, it may seem a bit unreasonable that the freshly debuted winner be added onto a popular idol group. Also it is obviously unnatural if the winner happens to be a male since he cannot be the eighth T-ara member.

An official for Core Contents Media said, “I did not hear the exact details for T-ara’s eighth member.”

“Super Idol” is an audition program with $70,000 reward for music production and $30,000 for sponsoring fees. Bobby Kim, Bada, and Lim Chang Jung appear as judges.

KBS Joy and ETN will air their first episode on March 23.