Grand Opening of JYJ’s Official Youtube Channel

JYJ released an introductory video on Youtube for the grand opening of their official channel. Check it out below!

Jae Joong: “Yes, this is JYJ’s official channel. This is our first video that we are presenting to everyone. Did you know? When someone clicks on our video from the official Youtube site, the views get recorded. So the number of clicks we receive reflects the number of fans we have. So let’s say we have 1,000 clicks, then (gasp) that means we only have 1,000 fans!”

(Junsu and Yoochun talk about how grateful they are for even 1,000 fans.)

Yoochun: “Wow, you’ve dug a grave for yourself now!” (Laughing.)

(Jaejoong’s thought bubble:) “That wasn’t what I meant…”

Junsu: “I mean, even 1,000 is good!”

(Yoochun laughs.)

Jaejoong: (Trying to explain himself) “Well Youtube’s views are recorded from all over the world-“

Junsu: “I’d be happy even if we had just 1,000 fans worldwide!”

Yoochun: “Junsu and I will work really hard to keep that number.”

Jaejoong: “I would be grateful even if we had just 100 fans.”

Yoochun: Well there are so many people who use this site.”

Junsu: “Yes, yes, there are a lot of users.”

Jaejoong: “For the search queries, [I’d like to hit] a mark of one hundred million. We are not expecting much, but if people click a lot for us, we will be very happy.”

Yoochun: “It’ll probably go over one hundred million.”

Jaejoong: “Ey…”

Yoochun: (mumbling)

Jaejoong: “Then one billion?”

Yoochun: “Barely?”

Jaejoong: (Laughing) “Barely?”

Yoochun: “Please type us in the search bar!”

Jaejoong: “Wait, my phone’s ringing.”

Junsu: “The world population isn’t even that much.”

Yoochun: “So if someone clicks on it once, then that’s it? Can’t you keep clicking?”

Junsu: “No, it’s not that. It’s every time you click…”

Jaejoong: “So if one person clicks ten times, then it’s ten times on the search queries? Then please click one hundred times.”

(Junsu laughs.)

(All three mumble, then nod their heads in thanks.)