U-Kiss Soohyun Doppelganger Is Boom?

Idol group U-Kiss member, Soohyun, is garnering attention for being Boom’s look a like. The singer uploaded a picture with Boom on his Twitter with the caption: “Everyone this is my brother. Boom hyung (older brother) is really handsome. Hehe I love you hyung” on January 7.

In the picture, Soohyun and Boom have their faces put side to side while smiling widely. Their dark eyebrows, dimples, round noses, and slight double eyelids are very similar.

Netizens and fans who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses: “Their faces really look similar,” “Is Boom your secret brother?” and “They would be twins if they had the same hairstyles.”

U-Kiss is currently active in Japan with the remake song “Lifetime” and planning to have their comeback performance in April.