Dal Shabet 1 Year Anniversary and BTS Pictures of Music Video Set

The girl group Dal Shabet talked about their aspirations now that it has been a year since their debut. Dal Shabet held a press conference where they revealed their music video set on January 6. Dal Shabet stated, “Today is our one year anniversary. It seems like it was only yesterday when we debuted. Fans sent congratulation gifts and it almost made us cry.”

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The leader Viki stated, “Fans, thank you for your love. We will try harder in order to show our appreciation. Mother and Father thank you.”

Jiyul stated, “Last year we focused mostly on promoting Dal Shabet as a whole, this year we hope that we will be able to focus promoting individual members.”

Subin stated, “I am now a senior in high school. I wondered how I would spend my last years in high school but this seems to be it. The fact that we were able to spend a successful year was because of all of you. We will do our best.”

Each member was asked about their most memorable experience during the year. Viki answered, “The day of our debut.” Ah Young answered, “The first day we had an international concert.” Serri answered, “The last broadcast of Supa Dupa Diva, after that I cried because of the overwhelming emotions.” Subin answered, “When I lost my Visa in China.”

Dal Shabet will release their 4th mini album on the last month of January.