Who Looks Better without Make-up: T-ara’s Ji Yeon or So Yeon?

Earlier this morning, several photos titled “T-ara’s Ji Yeon and So Yeon’s Ssaeng-Ul (No Make Up Face)” surfaced various online communities. The photos were screenshots from KBS2 “Vitamin” where the girls were undergoing a skin age test. To participate in the test, Ji Yeon and SO Yeon had to erase all their make-up and cleanse their skin onscreen, revealing their 100% ssaeung ul.

Even without make-up, So Yeon didn’t look all that different. In fact, her ssaeng-ul exposed her clear skin and distinct features. Ji Yeon looked significantly younger without her heavy stage make-up, looking more like the high school student she is.

Netizens commented, “So Yeon looks younger than Ji Yeon without make-up,” “Ji Yeon looks adorable with her glasses,” and “So Yeon looks exactly the same. She can be the ssaeng-ul representative in T-ara.”

Meanwhile, T-ara made a successful comeback with “Lovey Dovey” last week. “Lovey Dovey” will have a total of five different music videos, with the second version being released tomorrow, January 10.