Lee Min Jung’s Adorable Baby Photos Draw Attention

Earlier this morning, SBS’s “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning Star Secret Corner” released baby photos of beautiful actress Lee Min Jung. As one of the most beautiful actress, Lee Min Jung’s every photo – especially past photos – stirs a lot of attention from male and female fans alike. 

In her baby pictures, Lee Min Jung looks exactly the same as she does now, with her same distinct nose and big puppy eyes. Producers of the show visited the actress’s high school in Apgujeongdong and met with her freshmen year homeroom teacher, who revealed that she was a member of the “5 Gangnam beauties.” Her teacher stated, “She had distinct features, red lips, and bright eyes. If you look at her student records, she’s written down movies as her interest/hobbies and screenwriter as her dream job.”      

Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung’s latest film “Wonderful Radio” took home the number one spot in the Korean box office last week, drawing in over 45,466 people to theaters.