2AM’s Jin Woon Shows off his Manners During "Dream High 2" Filming

Recently the public’s attention has been peaked because of 2AM Jung Jin Woon and his manners.

Not too long ago, a picture surfaced through an online community’s gallery. The photo was taken during the filming for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2.” The image depicted Jin Woon standing with his legs spread apart in an attempt to match heights with his co-star Kang So Ra.

According to Jung’s profile he is 185cm (6’0″) tall while Kang So Ra is listed as being 168cm (5’5″) making a 17cm (7in) difference between the two. Thanks to Jin Woon’s manners the two were able to measure up nicely in the shot.

The photo showed Jin Woon’s good manners and devotion to the scene. Netizens reacted positively saying, “I find this kind of photo funny,” “Jin Woon’s good manners are something he’s had since birth,” and “Jin Woon, I didn’t know that you were so much taller than Kang So Ra,” “It’s apparent that Jin Woon oppa cares for others!”.

The sequel to last year’s popular drama “Dream High” stars Jung Jin Woon, Kang So Ra, Ji Yeon, Hyo Lyn, and Kahi. The second season of “Dream High” is expected to begin airing on January 30 at 9:55PM KST.