MBC Launches 4 Channels on Youtube

One of the big three broadcasting companies in South Korea, MBC recently launched a Youtube channel today on January 9, 2012. Currently there are 4 different channels: MBC World, MBC Drama, MBC Entertainment, and MBC K-Pop.

MBC World (www.youtube.com/mbcworld) will introduce the various MBC events. The other channels (MBC Drama, MBC Entertainment, and MBC K-Pop) like their namesake will show drama, variety shows, and music programs on their Youtube.

Each channel will have clips that are around 5 minutes long. MBC is planning on adding nearly 10,000 hours of drama and variety show content. In April, the “K-Pop Concert” that is supposed to be held in April will be broadcast live through the channel.

MBC and Youtube had made an agreement on content distribution on October 21, 2011.

Check out the channel for yourself by clicking here.

Here is an example of one of their Youtube Clips: