YG Sings a Bit on "SBS K-Pop Star" to JYP’s Amusement

On the most recent episode of “SBS K-Pop Star” that was broadcast on January 8, the judge YG (YG of YG entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk) sang a bit. This was probably the first time he was seen singing on television since his Taiji Boys days. (Although he did sing solo in “Smoke of Devil” and has mostly rapped since)

YG ended up singing for Lim Da Young because she could not get the right key for “Lonely.” YG helped her out by singing a bit of it. JYP became surprised and turned to YG saying “Wait isn’t this the first time you’ve sung since the Taiji Boys?” While laughing, YG told JYP not to mock him.

Here is the Taiji boys performing “Come Back Home“:

(YG is the one wearing the large goggles with the gray and yellow jump suit)

Here is Yang Hyun Suk’s MV for “Smoke of Devil“:

Seungri doing a parody?: