The Wonder Girls Release Teaser for American Single "The DJ Is Mine"

The Wonder Girls has finally revealed the teaser for their latest English track titled “The DJ Is Mine,” featuring the School Gyrls. It’s been announced that the song will be part of the official soundtrack for their Teen Nick movie titled “The Wonder Girls.”

A representative of JYP Entertainment announced, “The Wonder Girls’ English single ‘The DJ is Mine’ was produced by some of America’s best music producers. The music video is scheduled to be released at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 11. The track will be released both in Korea and the States on January 12.” The Wonder Girls, along with Park Jin Young and Nick Cannon, will attend the world’s largest consumer electronics show for the release of their latest music video.

Their movie “The Wonder Girls,” originally titled “Wonder Girls at the Apollo,” will air on Teen Nick on February 2.