SNSD’s Past Photoshoot Shocks Netizens

Earlier today, past photos of SNSD have surprised netizens for their shockingly awkward appearances. The photos were screen captures from a TV program on cable channel Y-Star that gave viewers a peek inside SNSD’s photoshoot several years ago.

During their photoshoot, each member was in charge of displaying a certain theme. Tiffany had to emulate “chic,” Sooyoung “force,” Taeyeon “fairy,” Sunny “haughty,” and Seohyun “princessy.” While every star has embarrassing pasts he/she wants to hide, SNSD’s was certainly a shocker. Tiffany simply looked ill with a pale face and lips and sunken eyes, while Sooyoung looked like Janet Jackson’s sister. No doubt about it, SNSD looks completely different from their current selves – mainly because of their then-stylists’ poor judgment.

Netizens have commented, “Being tacky must have been the concept of the shoot,” “If you look at it continuously, they look cute,” and “Whoever thought of this concept is an idiot.”