After School’s Uee Shows Off Impressive Shuffling Moves

On January 6, After School’s Uee debuted as the main MC of KBS “Music Bank,” alongside actor Lee Jang Woo. To celebrate their new MC roles, the two stars put on a joint performance of “The Time of My Life” from the movie OST of “Dirty Dance.”

During the performance of the song, which was rearranged by Shinsadong Tiger to involve a lot more electronic beats, Uee showed off her sick shuffle dance moves, bringing the whole crowd to their feet. Lee Jang Woo played the DJ role, spinning at the DJ booth on the side.

After the stage, Uee said, “It feels refreshing to be the main MC of ‘Music Bank.’ We’ll do our best to spread K-Pop around the world.” At the press conference held prior to the show, Uee echoed similar comments, saying, “It’s just an honor to be the host of KBS’s main music program, ‘Music Bank.’ I’m a bit nervous and feel the pressure since it’s my first MC role, but I’ll do my best. Please keep supporting me, even if I make a lot of mistakes.”

You can see the rest of the performances from Uee and Lee Jang Woo’s first “Music Bank” show here!