Korean Comedian Sends Kimchi Box to U.S. President Barack Obama

Park Sung Kwang, the comedian-turned-Kimchi-business-owner, has sent a specially designed Kimchi box to the U.S. President Barack Obama.

On January 9, Park Sung Kwang sent out a press release with the following picture of the Kimchi box he sent to President Obama. On the box it says, “Kimuchi NO, Kimchi YES,” showing the proper spelling of Korea’s most common traditional dish.

He said, “Since Kim Jang Hoon has been publicizing the Dokdo Island as Korea’s territory, I decided to spend my time promoting Kimchi around the world. I’ll make sure people get to experience the true taste of Kimchi, and I’ll fix the wrong spelling of Kimchi that’s often spelled as Kimuchi.”

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “We hope Barack Obama will buy it again,” “What if the CIA comes after him?” and “I had no idea Park Sung Kwang’s been selling Kimchi.”

Meanwhile, Park Sung Kwang launched his own Kimchi brand, “Umma Umma Kimchi,” last year, joining other celebrities, including Hong Jin Kyung and Oh Ji Ho, in the Kimchi sales market.