2011 Soompi Gayo Awards to Air Jan 10 on MYX TV (USA)

Hey Soompiers! With our year-end Soompi Gayo Awards entering its seventh year, we have another amazing treat to share. The results from our year-end 2011 Soompi Gayo Awards will be aired on MYX TV (USA) tomorrow night at 6:30 PM PST.

MYX TV is a cable network that is dedicated to Asian pop culture and has various shows and live events to promote K-Pop, anime, movies, fashion, and more. While the channel is available in certain North American markets, Soompi videos are available on the MYX USA website, www.myx.tv.

If you haven’t been watching, our Weekly Music Chart is also featured on MYX TV. You can vote once a day for your favorite new K-Pop song here