Wonder Girls Yoobin and Sohee: Huge Contrast in Skin Tone

On a recent visit to Taiwan, the Wonder Girls and miss A were featured guests on Taiwan TTV’s special program for the Entertainment Awards.

As soon as the Wonder Girls arrived in Taiwan on January 6, they were directed towards the press conference, where they began an on-site interview with the media and press. They garnered attention that day for their fluency in Chinese, and also gave their New Year’s greetings.

They also said, “It’s an honor to be invited to the Entertainment Awards. We are excited for our joint performance with miss A,” extending their thanks.

The picture below shows the stark contrast between Sohee and Yoobin’s skin tones. Yoobin’s skin is a naturally golden tan, while Sohee’s skin is porcelain and fair. One Korean news site labeled the article title as “Wonder Girls Yoobin and Sohee, Black and White.”

In other Wonder Girls news, the American single “The DJ Is Mine” will be released on January 12. Stay tuned for their new song!