JYJ Kim Jae Joong is the King of Unique Selcas

Idol group JYJ member, Kim Jae Joong, is garnering attention for his unique selca pictures.

The singer uploaded a picture of him sticking his tongue out with the caption: “If I want to become younger I need to take a lot of selcas” on his Twitter. He uploaded another picture with the caption: “I am uploading this because it is so funny. I think a lot of pictures like these are going to be uploaded on our Facebook.” The revealed picture shows Kim Jae Joong knocked out with scribbles on his face. A picture of Park Yoo Chun looking mischievous (who seems to be the culprit) and chic looking Kim Junsu are also photoshopped into the selca.

Netizens and fans who saw the pictures reacted with diverse responses: “Ah seriously the best,” “These people are still handsome even though they are taking unique selcas,” and “This troublemaker.”