Kara & SNSD: Who Will Reach One Million Sales First?

Kara and SNSD are competing to see who takes home the title of one million Japanese album sales first.

Kara’s second Japanese album “Super Girl” has recorded sales of 586,400 albums up until January 9 (Oricon standard), while SNSD’s first album “Girls’ Generation” has 734,800 albums sold, showing a difference of 148,400 in total.

Although SNSD’s album sales are in the lead, Kara is still very much in competition. When “Super Girl” was released on November 23, the album placed first for five consecutive days on the Oricon charts. It also earned a place on the weekly and monthly charts as well, dominating the Japanese music industry.

Kara’s sales grew at a monstrous rate. Within two days, the sales reached 100,000, reaching over 200,000 after the fifth day. In eight days, total sales recorded 300,000, and reached 400,000 a little after the two weeks’ time. Just before a month had passed, total sales recorded half a million copies. A month had not even passed, and already the album was in seventh place for having the most sales in the entire year.

In December, SNSD released a new song along with a repackaged album. With numbers ranging so closely and tensions rising in the competition, it’s difficult to tell who will reach the million sales mark first.

The only Korean singer to ever have reached a million album sales in Japan is the “Asia’s Star,” BoA. In January of 2003, her second Japanese album “Valenti” recorded a whopping 12.4 million in sales!

Kara and SNSD are the first two Korean girl groups to near the one million mark for album sales in Japan in nine years. Which will be the first to reach it?