Teen Top’s Single "Going Crazy" Contains Foul Language?

It seems that Teen Top’s latest single “Going Crazy” has been stirring up some controversy. 

The group finished up their first week of live performances for their recently released album “It’s.” It turns out that there are a few off-color lyrics throughout the song. In the song, some people misheard the word “hell” as a curse word, and this confusion has become quite a hot topic online.

Those who heard the track had various responses, “I was extremely surprised when I thought I heard swear words in this song, so I had to look for the lyrics online,” and “It’s so weird that my ears would hear the lyrics in such an embarrassing way. I wonder why that was.”

TOP Media made a statement regarding the misunderstanding, “Currently, Teen Top’s rapper L. Joe is working on his pronunciation of the controversial lyrics for future performances.”

Since Teen Top has released their new album, they have been receiving high praise for the group’s perfect execution of the choreographed dance moves along with their improved vocal ability.