A Past Photo of Uee Has Surfaced

After School member Uee recently has been active as an actress. An eye-catching photo of young Uee was revealed to the public.

On January 10, an online community bulletin board posted a picture of Uee along with her childhood friends. The picture appears to be one of those fun photo-booth stickers.

Uee can be seen in the photo posing next to her friends. In the image she looks as adorable as ever with her round, baby face, big eyes, and little nose.

Netizens reacted by commenting about the photo, “Her eyes are so round.”, “She looks so pretty in her high school days.”, and “She looks a bit different now but she was still pretty then.”.

Currently Uee is focusing on her career as an actress. She has been selected to be the new MC for KBS’ “Music Bank”.