Teen Top Addresses Swearing Allegations

Teen Top members have addressed the recent swearing allegations that accused the group of using abusive language in their latest single, “Going Crazy.”

On January 10, L. Joe tweeted, “I think there are a lot of people shocked by my rap. But it wasn’t cursing so don’t worry…I’ll also be more careful with my pronunciation when rapping. If you have a bad day or are stressed out, don’t sing that part too fast.”

Changjo also wrote on the group’s official me2day, “I’m keeping an eye on our rapper L. Joe hyung and all of our fans! So, as a reminder, should we all sing along Teen Top’s ‘Going Crazy’ with the right pronunciation? It! Feels! Like! Hell!”

Teen Top was accused of using foul language in their latest single, “Going Crazy,” where the rapper L. Joe was thought to have said “Jok” instead of “Ji Ok.” (“Hell” is pronounced “Ji Ok,” but when pronounced quickly, it could sound like “Jot” or “Jok,” which roughly translates to “sh*t” or “fu*k” in English).

Check out the music video of “Going Crazy” below (the controversial part appears at 1:40)!