On the January 10 episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” Go Ara was asked if any of the SM artists made a move on her. The actress said, “If I say, ‘more than five,’ does that include five?” basically admitting there were five SM artists who asked her out.

Lee Seung Ki followed up by asking, “Was Lee Teuk part of that five?” After a brief silence, Lee Teuk playfully said, “I never had to write a letter of apology because of Go Ara.” Lee Teuk earlier shared a story where he had to write a letter of apology because he asked out Dana in the past.

But Lee Teuk added, “When Go Ara first joined SM as a trainee, I saw 200 trainees. At the time, I told only two people that they were going to make it. Go Ara was one of them. The other person was SNSD’s YoonA.”