Modern Rock Band Deli Spice to Hold Celebratory Concert in Japan

Indie and modern rock band Deli Spice is poised to take their music even further in Japan. The four-man band will be holding a concert in Japan in February to celebrate their “Japan Special Package” album release.

Previously, Deli Spice has accomplished a rare feat in Japan’s charts with the sale of their seventh Korean album, “Open Your Eyes” at mainstream retailers, Tower Records and HMV. A week after the album was released in October 2011, Tower Records and HMV started importing copies to be sold in Japan. It was a noteworthy achievement since Deli Spice is a rock band and not a K-Pop idol group that has an established market in Japan.

After launching a nationwide, 12-city tour and New Year’s concert performances, Deli Spice has received requests from the Japanese audience for their label to release special songs. The clamor resulted in a “Japan Special Package” album to be released in February.

The release concert will be at Shibuya, Tokyo on February 9.

Deli Spice is known to have brought modern rock to the Korean music scene with their debut in 1997. Some of their tracks may be familiar to Korean movie fans, as the quartet has contributed their music to some popular films. This track, “Go Baek,” was featured in the 2003 film “The Classic,” starring Son Ye Jin and Jo In Sung.  

Video credit: orienkorean @YT