Eun Ji Won Returns to "Come to Play" After a Year and a Half

Rapper and entertainer Eun Ji Won has received a warm welcome for returning to the set of the talk show “Come To Play.

The episode of “Come To Play” that aired on January 9 made new corners and establishments to the show. The most attention-drawing part was the return of Eun Ji Won.

“Come To Play” was the start of variety entertainment for Eun Ji Won. Before he became the “1N2D” star he is today, he was part of “Come To Play” for three years, starting from 2007. However, in 2009, he stepped down from the “Come To Play” cast due to his fifth album “Siren” activities.

It’s been a year and a half since Eun Ji Won was on the set of “Come To Play” but his sharp wit and talking skills stayed the same. He started off strong by humorously saying that MC Yoo Jae Suk has villainous facial features, which left the “National MC” in quite a daze. He continued to share funny and interesting story after story all throughout the show.

Meanwhile, netizens are further raising their suspicions on Eun Ji Won not rejoining the cast of “1N2D” for the second season, especially because he decided to rejoin the cast of “Come To Play.” While some netizens are expressing disappointment at the possibility of Eun Ji Won’s absence in the second season of “1N2D,” many are relieved that they will still be able to see Eun Ji Won on “Come To Play.”