Rainbow to Display Their Synchronized Swimming Skills Once Again

Girl group Rainbow will challenge themselves to synchronized swimming for a second time following last year.

MBC will be airing the “Idol Track & Swimming Competition” on January 24 and there, Rainbow will show off their synchronized swimming skills, which they’ve been working on for three months.

Last year, Rainbow exhibited exceptional swimming and performance skills and received much interest. They claim that they will relive the glory of last year once again. Despite their busy schedules of going back and forth between Korea and Japan, they finished filming for their synchronized swimming bit on January 7. Aside from synchronized swimming, Rainbow members Woo Ri and Yoon Hye will be going up against each other in a swimming race as well.

Meanwhile, Rainbow is preparing for a three-member unit project, Pixie (Seung Ah, Ji Sook, Hyun Young) and will start their activities on January 13.

Check out this video of Rainbow’s synchronized swimming from last year: