Moon Chae Won Endorses Samsung Direct Car Insurance

Actress Moon Chae Won was recently photographed on the set of a CF filming, showing off her body in a long maxi-skirt, which is hard to pull off.

Moon Chae Won was filming for a recent Samsung Car Insurance CF and was said to have spread the “positive virus” all throughout the filming. The filming took a long and arduous two days in a studio in Kyeongki-do but Moon Chae Won didn’t lose her bright smile and livened the filming atmosphere.

Although she has an image of a feminine and refined “ice princess,” she proved to be an energetic and positive, young actress. She wore a long maxi skirt which showed off her “goddess-like” body line. She filmed and posed among many good-looking male models but her beauty was still radiant, capturing the eyes of the production staff.

Representatives of Samsung’s Insurance company said, “Moon Chae Won is currently receiving a lot of attention because of her trendy and fresh image. She also has a smart and wise image as well, which is why we chose her to be the model for our ad.”

Here is the BTS footage for this CF:

Here is the actual CF: