T-ara Teases With "Lovey Dovey" Zombie Version’s BTS

Prior to the release of the zombie version of “Lovey Dovey,” T-ara released the behind the scenes of the music video.

T-ara unveiled the music video for their new single “Lovey Dovey” a few days ago and set themselves apart when they revealed that a zombie version of the music video was scheduled for release soon.

Back in December, Core Contents Media announced that they would release five different versions along with the original music video. The zombie version features all members of T-ara who underwent quite the change as seen from the BTS teaser images.

Actress Lim Soohyang who is known for her role in “Paradise Ranch” is also playing the main part in the music video.

T-ara members revealed : “All the people in the club are my food!” and “I came to hunt!”. Hyomin also added : “The zombie version isn’t scary. You will be able to see a unique image of us on stage.”

Without further ado, here is the BTS video!

The zombie version of “Lovey Dovey” will be unveiled on January 12!