Dokko Jin and Ha Ji Won Together on The King?

Yesterday we reported that Ha Ji Won has now confirmed that she will be appearing on the new drama “The King.” Currently she is in final negotiations. Last year MBC had a bit of bad luck with the male lead, because they put out press releases that Jo In Sung would be joining the drama, but he later declined.

Currently a representative of Cha Seung Won (Who played Dokko Jin on “Greatest Love”) stated, “Cha Seung Won is currently reading the script in a positive light. Soon he will decide whether he will appear on the drama or not.”

Currently, Cha Seung Won is deciding between three dramas! If he decides to appear in “The King” this will be had been a year since his last MBC drama, “Greatest Love.” “The King” is about a marriage between a North Korean Special Forces female marrying a prince of South Korea.