SISTAR’s Large and Cute Forehead Revealed After Losing Game

On January 10 through an online community a post titled, “The reason SISTAR Hyorin’s life depends on her hiding her forehead” appeared and is garnering attention.

The post shows a picture of Hyorin appearing on KBS2 “Immortal Song 2.” During a game she lost and is getting hit by air, because of that her forehead is completely revealed. Hyorin rarely shows her forehead and because of this she is obviously in disarray.

Netizens commented after seeing the post, “It’s cute that she is trying so hard to put her hair down,” “Front hair doesn’t matter that much, singing well is more important,” “There is a reason she hid her forehead, I think she looks cuter with front hair.”

What do you think? Is her forehead size something she should try to hide, or does she look fine?