2AM’s Japanese Debut: High Touch Event and Live Performance on January 14

As we reported earlier, 2AM’s concert tickets for their January 24 concert were sold out in 10 minutes on December 17, 2011. Today is the day of the concert and 2AM has been garnering a lot of attention.

First off, 2AM arrived at the Haneda airport on January 10 and nearly 200 fans came to see their stars arrive. The 2AM members told their fans, “Happy New Years. We are now debuting in Japan. Please cheer us on.”

According to the Japanese media, today on January 11, 2AM released their debut album. The album “Never Let You Go” had topped the Japanese Tower Records pre-order charts on January 4. Their debut song “Never Let You Go” is the Japanese version of the Korean hit single with the same name.