Jewelry’s Yewon Starved Herself to Lose Baby Fat

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Jewelry’s Yewon revealed that she starved herself for five days to lose weight. Yewon stated, “When the CEO of my management agency first casted me, he told me that I would be really pretty when I lose my baby fat. However, I wouldn’t outgrow my baby fat.” She continued, “So I refrained myself from eating. I would drink only two cups of sunsik (ground grains mixed with water or milk) the entire day,” surprising everyone at the studio.

She added, “On the fifth day, I was jogging at a park, and I saw a patch full of organic vegetables. I began eating them happily, and they smelled really nice too. However, when I regained my senses, I saw that they weren’t organic vegetables but grass.” The host and the rest of the show’s guest stars could not hide their astonishment at her story, but Yewon kept going, saying, “The dirt on the grass was merely brown sugar to me. I just ate and ate without thinking.”