Hyun Young has been dating a banking executive since last August, it was reported today through local media today. The man only identified as “A” is a 39-year old executive manager at one of the foreign banks in Seoul.

According to news reports, “A” has good-looking features and tall height. His cool demeanor and strong leadership caught the attention of Hyun Young, and their common interest in sports and entertainment also brought them closer to each other. “A” has been impressed by Hyun Young’s active charity efforts, as she’s one of the most well-known philanthropists in the industry.

The two first met through a mutual friend last March. They haven’t even dated for a year yet, but considering they’re both past their mid-30s, people around them are suspecting the couple might get married soon. “Neither has talked about marriage yet, but since they’re both at the right age, we’re sure they’re thinking about it,” a close friend of “A” told DongA Ilbo.

Congratulations Hyun Young! What a way to start off 2012!