SNSD’s Sooyoung is a Caring Angel

Former basketbacll coach Park Seung Il, who’s fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease, made headlines several times because of his close relationship with SNSD, especially Sooyoung. On January 7, he uploaded new photos with Sooyoung onto his fan café site. Park Seung Il is known to be a huge fan of Sooyoung, and she visits him regularly.  

In the photos, Sooyoung is by Park Seung Il’s bed, smiling widely. She made the visit to wish the former coach a happy new year. A close friend of Park’s stated, “SNSD’s Sooyoung is the first person to help him carry out his new year’s plan. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and was embarrassed to take a picture. However, she stepped in front of the camera, saying that she would gladly take it if it would help in spreading awareness about Lou Gehrig’s disease. ” He added, “We’re so grateful for her kind heart.”